Pumping Insulin, 7th Edition Coming Later This Year

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Get ready for the all-new 7th edition of Pumping Insulin, which covers the latest devices in a concise and easy-to-use format.

Pumping Insulin 7 Cover

Pumping Insulin helps you become proficient and confident in managing insulin with a pump, CGM, and an HCL system. Access the benefits of automated insulin delivery for a more flexible lifestyle and enhanced well-being.

Special features:

  • Find your correct TDD and BC settings in a hybrid closed-loop or insulin pump
  • Increase time in range and lessen glucose variability
  • Correct unwanted glucose patterns
  • Improve your glucose while avoiding hypoglycemia
  • Increase Infusion set performance
  • All about carb counting and meal size boluses
  • Meds for stopping glucose spikes
  • Over 300 carb factors, and 150 tables, figures,
    and examples

Available Autumn 2023!

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